Terms and Conditions

last updated: 14 September 2023



All Lahijweb principles and procedures comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Electronic Commerce Law and the Consumer Rights Protection Law, and subsequently the user is also obliged to comply with the relevant user laws. Lahijweb has the right to modify or amend this agreement in whole or in part and must announce the modified or amended terms via the website. Changes made, except regarding financial information (billing), take effect immediately. Users' use after the effective date means accepting any changes.


Customers are aware that sending personal information, whether in person, by phone or via the Internet, is always at risk of disclosure and no system has complete security. Therefore, Lahijweb will not be responsible for deficiencies in security technology. However, Lahijweb makes every effort to minimize and, if possible, prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the information contained.

Lahijweb does not guarantee that data downloaded from this site is free of viruses or malicious data.


Lahijweb, in order to answer questions, requests and manage two-way programs, can obtain customers' personal information including first and last name, address, email and phone number. This information is considered confidential by Lahijweb and will not be disclosed to third parties without the customer's permission, except in cases where it is necessary to advance the order, request and manage two-way programs. In addition, in this regard, customers allow Lahijweb to share the information provided by them among its employees for the stated purposes.

Customers' personal and financial information on the Lahijweb site is considered confidential and will not be made available to any individual or organization except by law or by order of the competent judicial authority.

In addition to the information customers provide, Lahijweb uses a technology to obtain information such as IP address, computer operating system, browser type, traffic, and website input entry.

The responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of account information rests with the owner of the information. The responsibility for any incident resulting from the negligence or shortcoming of the information owner rests solely with him/her. Customers hereby agree to promptly notify Lahijweb of any unauthorized use of their account and password or any other compromising security action.

Customers undertake to provide their correct and complete information at the time of registration as well as at the time of use. In any case, customers have access to their information and can correct their incomplete or incorrect information. Customers must update their registration information to maintain its accuracy and completeness. They also undertake not to use the wrong email (other than the registered and verified email at the time of registration), not to falsify the identity of other individuals or legal entities, or in any way conceal their true identity.

In order to maintain customer statistics, Lahijweb retains the information it generates, including billing, on its server. By accepting this agreement, customers agree that the above information remains on the server and cannot be deleted.

Customer Obligations

Customers undertake to use this site and its services for legal and authorized purposes and refrain from any unauthorized use of this site.

Selling the product by the customer is prohibited under any circumstances.

The customer does not have the right to publicly distribute the product under any circumstances.

If the user enters incorrect information when placing an order, Lahijweb has the right to decide on the delivery or non-delivery of the product and no excuse will be valid and the return fee will not be refunded.

Users who enter incorrect information when placing an order must send a copy of their national card to match after editing the information.


Deleting or editing and even attempting to delete or edit the copyright is against the law and if observed, the customer will be deprived of any services.

Customers who need to delete the copyright must pay the copyright removal fee for the domain in question so that the copyright is legally removed for them. After removing the copyright, it is not possible to change the domain and the subdomain is considered a separate domain.

If you intend to delete the copyright, first inquire about its cost from the financial section, then purchase the product.

Prohibited Items

Violating the legal rights and privacy of others.

Taking actions that harm others or provide the grounds for harming others.

Disrupting public morals and order by using website information.

Taking actions that are considered criminal acts according to the Islamic Penal Code, Computer Crimes Law, Electronic Commerce Law and other relevant enacted laws.

Any other activity that the Lahijweb website or related organizations deem inappropriate.

Using copyrighted content without the copyright holder's permission.

Advertising any illegal or unfair business activity (especially pyramid marketing) or any use of this website's information to achieve this purpose.

Attempting to penetrate the website or destroy information on the website (hacking) as well as transmitting viruses or any other software with malicious nature using the website's communication tools.

Providing content that implicitly or explicitly includes concepts that mock, humiliate or insult any race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender.

Providing content that directly or indirectly promotes illegal and unethical activities such as online gambling, pornography, images promoting corruption, and content that is indecent and contrary to public morality.

Providing content on behalf of scientific sources without being confirmed by reliable scientific sources.

Providing content that contains unprovable claims and misleading information.

Customers hereby agree that Lahijweb may, if it determines that any of the terms and conditions of using the site have been violated by the user, terminate their access and block their account without prior notice, and in any case no liability rests with Lahijweb in this regard.


if after charging the account, Lahijweb is unable to provide services due to restrictions arising from enacted laws or site conditions, all deposits will be refunded to the customer.

Cancellation of the order must be announced before the work begins. In this case, all deposits will be refunded to the customer.

After starting the work, it is not possible to refund the customer.

Force Majeure

Neither party to this agreement shall be liable for failure or delay in performance of its obligations due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. These include but are not limited to: fire, flood, earthquake, accident, interruption of internet communication lines, power outage, network outage, sudden and unforeseeable natural accidents and ...

Dispute Resolution

This agreement is prepared according to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Any dispute regarding it, including conclusion, validity, interpretation, termination, breach and enforcement, shall be referred to the Disciplinary Council of the Provincial Computer Guild Organization for arbitration. The opinion of the Provincial Disciplinary Council is final and enforceable. This arbitration clause is considered an independent agreement from the main contract and is enforceable in any case.

Partial Invalidity of Agreement

if any of the terms, commitments set forth in this agreement or their implementation are invalid and unenforceable due to inconsistency with laws or by order of competent authorities, this does not invalidate other terms and commitments. Failure to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the right to enforce it in the future.


All correspondence will be in writing from Lahijweb via email to hi@lahijweb.com and customers' correspondence will also be via their registered email at the time of registration.

Lahijweb's documented communication method with the customer is the customer's email address and response to support portal tickets registered in their account on the customer portal.

The customer's documented communication method with Lahijweb is registering a ticket in the support portal and receiving a ticket tracking number or sending a letter and receiving a written receipt from the company.

The use of email by the customer to facilitate the work is possible, but the documented method in controversial cases is not considered for the buyer.

Lahijweb is not responsible for the consequences and damages incurred by a buyer who has not notified the company of his changed contact information through official channels.

Lahijweb considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of users. Please let us know through the communication channels mentioned if you notice any violation.