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Lahijweb was established in 2015 with the aim of providing professional web services. Inspired by the pristine nature of Lahijan, we strive to provide creative and refreshing services. Our mission is to make work meaningful.


Lahijweb's view

Lahijweb is the result of a transformational and beauty-oriented thinking. This group started its official activity in 2015, relying on more than five years of effective experience of its founders in the field of IT. Lahijweb provides a complete package of services. This means that with the benefit of the best experts, we provide our customers with unique services. Our team's focus is on our clients' goals. We spend a lot of time to fully understand your business, your competitors and your market in order to execute successful campaigns.

Vision and values

We believe that the design of a site or application should be a combination of creativity, beauty and efficiency. Our vision is to provide the best web design services with excellent quality and long-term support. Our core values are: creativity, honesty, trust and focus on customer needs.

Lahijweb Services

Lahijweb provides a variety of design, web programming, SEO and user experience optimization services. Using the latest technology standards, our experienced team designs and develops websites and applications that meet the specific needs of customers.

Lahijweb customers

Lahijweb's customers include all kinds of businesses, knowledge-based companies, startups and various organizations that use the services of this company in the field of web design.

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Lahijweb Team

A knowledge-oriented, creative and dynamic team

Ali Fallah

Ali Fallah

Amir Fallah

Amir Fallah

Web Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Lahijweb provides a variety of web services including website design, web programming, SEO optimization and user experience.
No, our services include all types of businesses, startups and organizations.
High quality of service, experienced team, adherence to standards and creativity are the benefits of working with us.
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