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Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in the online success of businesses. Using professional SEO techniques, we optimize your site to get the best results in Google.

At Lahijweb, as a team of experts in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and site optimization, we help you to rank high in reputable search engines such as Google. Note that being on the first page of search results means having more customers' views and attention, and as a result, your business growth.

Technical site optimization

Including checking the HTML codes of the pages and optimizing them, adding tags and features suitable for SEO, fixing possible display problems in different browsers and ensuring the site's full compatibility with search engines, including Google.

Content optimization for search engines

Including checking keywords, producing and editing text content with the aim of placing keywords in the right place, producing valuable and user-friendly content, and enriching pages with related content.

Analysis of keywords and site traffic

Accurate identification of suitable keywords and phrases for the site using keyword analysis tools, checking traffic and behavior patterns of site visitors and determining appropriate optimization strategies.

Internal linking

By carefully checking the structure and content of your site, we make proper internal linking so that the efficiency of the site increases and users can navigate the site easily.

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The time it takes to achieve the desired results depends on several factors. This includes the current state of your site, competitors, and related industry. However, we recommend gradual and sustained changes that will lead to long-term success.
No, the important thing is the quality of the content, not necessarily its quantity. We do SEO with methods like optimizing existing pages.
It depends on various factors. Contact us for a detailed price quote.
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